Should you experience a traumatic injury to your mouth and/or teeth, you should seek emergency care from your general dentist. They will usually take an x-ray to determine the extent of the injury and treat you as appropriate.

Broken braces or orthodontic appliances happen from time to time. Most of the time these are not orthodontic emergencies and generally do not require immediate care. If the orthodontic appliance has been dislodged or broken, we will want to schedule a time when we can see you to repair the appliance. Consider the following guidelines regarding broken braces/appliances and orthodontic emergencies:

  • If you are in pain or are concerned about your braces/appliance, call our office and we will schedule a time to see you right away.

  • A loose bracket or band can usually be left in place until we see you in the office. Call us so that we can schedule a time to reattach the loose part of the appliance.

  • Broken archwires or wires that are hurting the cheek, lip, or gum tissue should be seen as soon as possible. Using wax to cover the irritating wire can provide temporary relief.

If you have an orthodontic emergency, we are here for you! If you need assistance after hours, just call our office at (620) 227-2234 or contact us and further direction will be given.

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